Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures of Jf-17 Thunder fighter jet

These pictures of Jf-17 Thunder fighter jet are courtesy of BaburMissile(PDF) & ImranD and SyedA

Pakistan Air Force and Chinese firm CATIC have signed an agreement for the serial production of JF‑17 (Thunder) aircraft would start soon. Under the agreement the lot of 42 aircraft would be co‑manufactured by China and Pakistan and later these would be inducted in the PAF’s fleet. By 2015 PAF will get 250 JF-17s at cost of US 3000 millions. First squadron of JF-17 fighter jets would be inducted in the PAF’s fleet by mid of this year as PAF has already been using 8 jointly produced aircraft for the last couple of years. This fleet would be raised in Peshawar. Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mehmood Ahmed has said “despite all odds we have been successful to reach the stage of starting serial production of the aircraft.” “In the beginning we will produce 15 aircraft annually and their number will increase to 30 in a year ‑ this programme will be carried out in phases,” he said. He said that PAF will get 40 JF-17 Thunder this year.


where Pakistan lacks in funds they make up with efficient planning and quick decisions. I wish our Indian babudom could lift its ass off the funds and move some files.

Funds will not be a big issue as under AFDP2025 28b$ will be spent

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